Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What is That Refreshing Smell?

We had a terrific time at the herb class held recently at the Cedar House. Olivia did an outstanding job teaching us about herbs- how to grow them; how to cook with them. She had herbs displayed everywhere and the minute you walked into the room the wonderful aroma hit you in the face. I thought-"wouldn't it be wonderful if we could get our house to smell like this?"

We came home with recipes, a pot of growing herbs, and a bag of dried spearmint. One of the ladies who attended the class bought a large bag of dried spearmint to share with everyone- the scent was wonderful. I came home heated a little on the stove to "scent" up the kitchen. Then the bag just kinda sat. Whenever I came into the kitchen I'd smell the spearmint through the bag. Then the thought occurred- what about herb sachets? We had some pretty little drawstring bags- I filled them with the dried herb and sat them around in the bathroom and kitchen- ahhhhh what a wonderful smell.

What about you what do you do with your dried or fresh herbs?

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