Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Meditations

Refreshing Wonderful......Rain!

The rain has socked in, puddles are forming all over the pasture, and I'm feeling like crawling up with a good book. I don't think I realized until recently the impact that last year's drought had on me. I had never lived through a drought or even been in drought like conditions before. It was so sad to see everything so brown and dry. There were no all day rains and very few showers. There was dust everywhere. Any time spent outdoors was miserable because of the heat, dust, and continual reminders of dryness. Time that had been spent in the garden was a total waste as we watered what we could, but it still died in spite of our efforts. All the news was totally depressing- there was no forecast of rain in sight and water restrictions and shortages were reported everywhere- not to mention the risk of forest fires. There was nothing we could do- nothing, but God could make it rain. In our culture there are very few things we can't fix, but this was one of them- nothing and no one but God could make it rain, and rain is something we desperately needed.

This summer has been totally different. The grass and trees are green- the garden is growing- puddles are forming-and ...we've had rain. Not flooding mind you, but what we need. It still gets dry, but just about the time it gets really dry rains.

There are not a whole lot of things these days that remind us of our total dependence on God. But shouldn't we really live all our days as if we were in a drought- totally dependent on God- for truly we are.

"I also will give you rain unto your land in due time, the first rain and the later, that thou mayest gather in thy wheat, and thy wine, and thine oil. Also I will send grass in thy field for thy cattle, that thou mayest eat, and have enough. But beware lest your heart deceive you , and lest ye turn aside, and serve other gods, and worship them." Deuteronomy 11:14

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Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Amen, I have never appreciated the rain as I have this year!