Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Necessary Business

Yes, this is a picture of our front yard. This was not an easy way to learn that a septic tank should be pumped out about every 3-5 years. Ours had never been pumped out and consequently the field lines had to be replaced- ouch!

Anyone have any good suggestions for natural additives to keep septic systems healthy? It was recommended that we give our system a good dose of Ridex every month. I'm sure there has to be a more natural cheaper solution.

What a mess, but what a lesson in gratefulness- for indoor plumbing that works!!


Mrs. H. said...

Flush a tablespoon of yeast down your toilet once a month. The yeast will "feed" off the build up in your septic tank, keeping it cleaner!

Erin said...

I recently read that nothing at all might just be best!

(I separated the link to make it fit, so you'll have to copy and paste in your browser!

However, I've also read that plain old yeast or brewer's yeast can be beneficial - the above article doesn't agree, though.

HTH some!

Jane said...

Thanks for the tips

ky frugal mom said...

I have always been told yeast once a month.