Wednesday, July 30, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Guess you can tell what I've been up to lately. After a rather busy weekend I succumbed to a sore throat, achy body, and a general overall lousy feeling.

I'm back on my feet (somewhat) today after a day of rest and many healthy "treatments". Here are a few of my favorites:

Routine Care and Immunity Boosting

  • Emergen C- we love these little packets- contains 1000 mg of vitamin C & many extras (our Walmart carries these)
  • garlic capsules- taken daily to boost immunity
Sore Throat Treatment
  • gargle with warm salt water (I remember doing this as a child)- it really works and is so soothing!
  • make a warm drink of lemon juice and honey- sip on this throughout the day to relieve a dry scratchy throat
Overall Lousy Feeling
  • Berry Well- we just love this stuff. A teaspoon 3 times a day helps shorten an illness and reduce the severity.
  • Echinacea Complete Care Wellness Tea by Celestial Seasonings- two to three cups a day as soon as you notice any symptoms.
Ear Ache
  • Garlic Ear Oil- I wished I had known this remedy when the children were younger- it seems as if we went through dozens of antibiotics. For achy ears we put drops in the ear canal three times a day. I haven't used an antibiotic for ear aches in eight years!
What about you? What are your favorite home remedies?


Lindsay S. said...

I am enjoying your new website very much! Thank you for all the wonderful homemaking tips and information. It is all very helpful!

I LOVE herbs and our family uses them all the time.

One great combination, that you probably already know about, is garlic and cayenne. As soon as someone starts to feel sick we take one garlic and one cayenne pill 3 times a day (always with food). This is a natural antibiotic and seems to work great for us.
We also use echinacea tinctures as soon as we feel a cold coming on.

Thanks again and I look forward to more great homemaking tips on your blog!! ;-)

Lindsay S.

Jen in Al said...

So glad that you are feeling better! Great recommendations for being under the weather. i actually have tried to make my own garlic oil but i prefer the kind you can buy at the health food store because it seems to work better. i think i had trouble getting enough of the garlic into the oil and keep it balanced. i really don't know for sure. may you continue to be restored to full health! blessings, jen in al

The Shindels said...

I love the practical things you post about! Everything from baking to gardening to health and well-being. I have so much to learn and hope to pass what I do learn down to my children. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us young moms who have so much to learn from you!

Jane said...

Thanks for the garlic/cayenne tip. I have heard of it, but never tried it. I love to have extra remedies on hand. Blessings, Jane

Jane said...


Thanks for your encouraging comments.

I also tried to make my own garlic oil once and it was a disaster. If anyone has any tips on making their own let us know. For the past several years I've just been purchasing it from the health food store. Blessings- Jane