Monday, March 30, 2009

Well Done.....very well done my good and faithful one

These words echoed through my mind and heart yesterday as we stood with the White family in their time of grief.

The tiny casket, hopes dashed, dreams of life, glimpes of personality bursting forth, the excitement of awakening each day to see and the fullness of it all suddenly over. But not really "over". As we stood, sang, and prayed truth sounded forth. You see Willy was not here with us, but with Jesus- praising God. An eternal soul was birthed at conception. A soul from the parents of believers carrying the promise of ..." a God unto thee and thy seed after thee." Gen. 17:7.

Every minute of pregnancy, every thought, every prayer offered up was not in vain for the soul lives on. In a day and age when pregnancy and life is so devalued and disregarded... this mother did well. Yes, she did very well. She gave all she could- what a beautiful picture of "giving up your bodies a living sacrifice, holy acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable serving of God." Romans 12:1

Well done Robin- very well done!!!

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mommyofmany said...

What a beautiful tribute, Jane. Your words ring forth with such truth. May God continue to strengthen the White family. And may He continue to surround them with the love of friends and family.