Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ladies- Let's Encourage Each Other!

What a refreshing perspective is shared in this post from Down to Earth- she says-

"If I were a young wife now, with children to raise, I would be learning everything I could about how to do the work in my home without modern appliances. I would learn to make bread by hand - good bread not just a get-by loaf; I would work out easy ways to do the family laundry - in case a time came when I didn't want to use electricity - once I worked it out, I'd go back to my washing machine; I would create a stockpile of groceries, and if I had a backyard I would learn to garden and raise chickens. I would teach myself to sew and knit. I would start mending clothes, I'd recycle and reuse everything I could. I'd start cooking from scratch with the intention of learning how to produce the most delicious and nutritious meals for the lowest cost.If I were a young wife and mother now, I would take it upon myself to save every penny I could to pay off our debt. I would encourage my husband and children to economise, make do and learn to go without. My focus would be on the long-term health and prosperity of my family and I would hope to teach myself enough to give us the best chance in this tough economic climate."

And if I might add, the more we would have to share with and help others in need. Good times or not -the more responsible we are with our resources the better it will be for our families and our communities.

The issue of stewardship keeps coming back to me. I know the tendancy is to think and live "frugal" when times are lean, but shouldn't we strive to be better stewards all the time. It all belongs to God to use as He sees fit. He just allows us to particpate.

I don't know how you feel, but after fighting the consume and spend mentality in my life for so many years its kinda fun to see "frugality"and "stewardship" come into vogue.

Let's encourage each other to think and live differently. The strength of our communities lies in our strength of our families and consequently the strength of our nation lies in the strength of our communities. ...a little leaven leavening the whole lump.

What about you - what are you doing differently?

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i loved this entry! i linked to it on my blog.