Friday, January 8, 2010

What's in Your Hand?

"and the Lord said unto him, what is that in thine hand?" Exodus 4:2

I know I have posted on this subject before, but here we are again at the start of a new year and I'm tempted (again!!) to let my affections roam. I'm tempted to think what ifs, if onlys, when this, etc. When my thoughts roam they are not at home. I can't be focused on what is in my hand (my husband, my family, my home, my living situation) and what I'd like to be in my hand at the same time.

So.... here I am again asking God to help me be a better steward -a resourceful steward, a grateful steward, a contented steward -and use what I have more effectively.

We hope this will be a new year of resourceful thoughts, creative ideas, and contented thankfulness. May God bless you and your family as you use what's in your hand for His glory.


Lindsay S. said...

AMEN!! ;-)

May the Lord do the same for me too...

Heather Simpson said...

Thank you for your seeds of thought...the economy has hit my family hard. Your words of encouragement challenge to seek Him and His plans for me and my family.I know He can always use us if we are willing and I needed to fix my eyes on Jesus! Thanks you!