Thursday, June 11, 2009

~Our Etsy Shop~

We have created an etsy shop to sell some of our items. Please check it out and let us know what you think!


Livvy said...

Everything is very lovely, Sarah!

With hopes to see you all soon,

Sarah B. said...

Thanks Liv,
Happy 16th Birthday!!!

Green Gardening Girl said...

We love your stuff! Did y'all already sell that washcloth? Or did you change the pictures?
All your stuff is just beautiful!

Sarah B. said...

We did not sell the washcloth. Actually it was a set and for some reason the listing disappeared???

Hope to see y'all soon!

Green Gardening Girl said...

The modern world!!! You can not trust it!

Livvy said...

Thank you, Sarah!
Hope you are all doing well.


Jeri Beth said...

Hello Boyd ladies!

This is Jeri Beth Hardy and my family met you all in Columbus, GA. this past February during the Crossroads conference. We enjoyed meeting you there, and my Mom, sister and myself always enjoy looking at your blog!

I love the picture for your Reflections of Grace banner! Your items for sale are so lovely. The photography is great! Did you all get a new camera? If you did, which model is it?

Well, I just wanted to say hello! Hope you are all well.
~Jeri Beth Hardy

Sarah B. said...

Jeri Beth,
Its good to hear from you! Yes, I remember you and your family from the conference. We enjoyed meeting y'all too!
We have had our camera for several years now. It is a Sony DSC-H5. I've really enjoyed using it.

I'm sorry that I did not respond sooner to your comment. We are not very faithful bloggers (as you can probably tell) and don't check the comments as much as we should ,although we do love getting them!