Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Craft of the Week

I thought I would start posting a weekly craft on our blog. I can post a knitting, crochet, or sewing craft. Please leave a comment and let me know which one you would prefer.

I'll start with a sewing craft since that is probably the most common skill that everyone knows but any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

Leftovers are the bane of the sewing room as well as the kitchen. But the same creativity that inspired cassoulet can save odd lengths of fabric from ragbag ignominy. One idea: Use strips of cloth or lace to trim the opening of a cotton pillowcase. A monogrammed handkerchief from a flea market can be folded diagonally and machine-stitched to a pillowcase, creating a wonderful gift for someone with the right initial.

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Green Gardening Girl said...

We would love any crafts, but we are weak on the crocheting and knitting skills so... maybe sewing?

Green Gardening Girl said...

Where was the craft last week? Did no one seem interested?

mcchatty said...

Love the pillowcase idea! We use small scraps to cover photo albums(the $1 dollar cheapieslook so much nicer with a new cover, just use a glue stick!) We save longer scraps to make rag rugs, we just store them in a box and braid them in as we go.
love, mcchatty

Sarah B. said...

Sorry I bailed out on y'all.
I'll try again soon!