Thursday, June 19, 2008

Digging For Dirt

O.K., I know you can buy those nice bags of rich dark potting soil, but something just goes against my grain to pay money for -dirt, especially since we live on twenty acres! But my problem is my soil just doesn't seem to have the same quality and texture as comes in those little bags, or does it?

The other day as we were building our lasagna beds it dawned on me to check underneath last years old compost pile for rich dirt. There was a dark round area with a few leaves and such where a compost pile had set until we scraped it up to put on a bed last fall. I dug a little on the surface to move back a few spring weeds and then plowed the shovel right into the middle to find the richest darkest dirt imaginable. I called all the kids over and they couldn't believe it! Not only was it rich looking it was so easy to dig up and full of wonderful earth worms.

Now whenever we need good dirt we're looking in different places- like under old compost piles and old leaf piles. I just hate the thought of spending money for something I may already have.

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Shelly said...

oh I totally agree with you! After our garden is done every fall, we clean it up and I reserve some of that rich soil for my spring and summer flower boxes, planters etc by storing it in big rubbermaid tubs.