Friday, June 6, 2008

Fruit Soup?

O.K., so I know all of you have heard of saving little your leftovers in a zip lock freezer bag for soup fixins at a later date- well, what about your fruit leftovers? You know that half of banana, last strawberry in the dish, or handful of blueberries.
Try this- toss your leftover fruit pieces in a container you store in the freezer. When you have a good supply dump it all into the blender with an equal amount of plain yogurt. What a wonderful yummy summertime treat! The best part- just like the soup it never tastes exactly the same every time.
Stay tuned for more yummy summertime treats. Have you tried freezing your yogurt before blending is with fruit? We are aiming for a milkshake consistency using just plain yogurt and fruit. We'll let you know.

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