Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm impressed....

Have you tried this? For those of you who might not have it is ....instant coffee? Starbucks is now offering instant coffee? Aren't these the coffee snobs, the brew masters, the perfect cup of coffee specialists? Instant coffee just doesn't seem to fit.
But, I'm impressed. I was very skeptical and had visions of those nasty little jars of Maxwell House instant that people who don't drink coffee keep on hand for those of us that do.
Weighing in at $.83/cup this stuff is really good. Is it cheaper than brewing a pot at home?Definitely not, but if your on the run it's much cheaper than the drivethrough coffee. And, as my husband so perfectly pointed out, you know what you're getting. Starbucks quality with Starbucks taste instead of playing russian roulette at the drive through.
So...... what a wonderful Christmas idea for the coffee lover (hint, hint).

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Deby said...

My sister bought me a couple of these little packs for my birthday and I love it. I agree it makes a pretty good cup of coffee and is quite handy. Definitely a good Christmas gift idea.