Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cleaning off the Gunk

We love lemons! We add them to our water, make fresh lemon juice, clean with them, cook with them, etc. So.... we have tons of used lemons just waiting for the compost. But, before we toss them out we try to get all the goodie out of them we can.

Our latest find - gunkie iron meets clean. Try this for the dried starch on the back of your iron. Scrub the back of your cooled iron with the cut side of the lemon sprinkled generously with salt. To add the "smooth" back to your iron simply iron a piece of parchment paper or waxed paper with the iron on a warm setting.

Yeahhhh..... a clean iron again.


Leslie said...

I would love to hear more about how you all use the lemon. We just really started working with them in our family.
What made you LOVE lemons? Taste? Nutritional value? Medicinal?

Jane said...

I read an article not too long ago about the health benefits of drinking fresh lemon juice- if I can find it I'll post it:) It seemed like a relatively simple thing to do for such terrific health benefits. So I guess its part health part taste- I really like the taste. We also use fresh lemon juice in a lot of salad dressing and sauce recipes.

Olivia said...

I love the template. Pretty cool about the lemons too. Hope to see y'all soon.

Mrs. Bee said...

What a neat idea, I will have to try and remember that.