Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Such A City Slicker

When harvesting my leaf lettuce I have always pulled up the plant and cut the root stem off and tossed it into the compost simply because I hated to leave the chopped off stub in my lovely garden bed. Lately I've tried leaving the stalk in the ground. I noticed the other day new leaves started to grow from the old stalk. Yeah! More lettuce less work.
How do you harvest your lettuce- just the leaves or the whole head?

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JJJ @ said...

We pull leaves from several plants to make a generous salad for several days. (So pretty with different colors.) The plants just keep sending out new leaves from the centers. When the plants get ready to "bolt" (get old/bitter) we pull the whole plant. We mainly grow leaf lettuce so I'm not sure if that works for other kinds?

(ps - I check in here once in a while and love the tips and ideas!)