Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm Thirsty!!!!

I know when it's hot the best beverage you can drink is water. But, for those times when you need a change from water it's nice to have an option on hand.

I really like to keep seltzer water, carbonated water or some version thereof to make an inexpensive refreshing juice drink. Just about any juice mixed with the carbonated water and served over ice makes a wonderful treat. For some reason the cranberry versions are especially good and if you freeze the juice before mixing it with the water it makes a slushy delight.

Note: I always check the ingredients on the seltzer water some brands contain sodium but, I prefer those that contain carbonated water only.

What beverages do you enjoy on a hot day?


Hannah Jane said...


Lady Cordelia said...

On the first hot day of the summer my mom loves to suprise my siblings and me with a root beer float. This signals the start of summer to us.

Jane said...

Root beer floats or any kind of float sound terrific!!

Texas Mom said...

I'm going to have to try your drink idea. It's HOT here in Texas! Triple digits everyday. Trying to find something cool and refreshing is top on our minds!

One of my favorite drinks:

Ice cold water with slices of Lemons and oranges.