Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Encouraging Music, Encouraging Words

One of our favorite on line radio stations is Rejoice Radio- not only is the music beautiful and inspiring, but the comments and challenging words we hear are such an encouragement to our family. We especially like the morning program- "This is the day" and the evening program "Drive Time".

The music is primarily choral in nature (a lot of old hymns), but there is a wonderful variety of songs geared toward the young and old and plenty of short features thrown in for fun. Check out their program guide to see all they offer.

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mommyofmany said...

When we lived in Florida, this is the ONLY station we listened to. Even when we lived in California, we would often tune in to Rejoice Radio (via internet) when we had to miss church. The music is always so uplifting.

Hope ya'll had a great trip! Looking forward to hearing the details. See you Sunday!