Friday, December 19, 2008

Formal For A Change

As a pleasant change from buffet style we decided to try our hand at a formal dinner. It was so much fun playing with the dishes trying to achieve just the "right look". Because of the number not everything matched so we mixed pewter, solid white dishes, and a botanic garden pattern. We also had to do a little on line research to learn where to place everything and for directions on fun new napkin folds.

It looked really nice and we were pleased with this change of pace style dinner. We alternated servers for each course so everyone could enjoy the meal (not to mention learn how to serve). It made for a special and yes in a way relaxing meal.


Anonymous said...

Your table was beatiful and so lovely. I bet that was fun. Lauren and I always have fun setting the table. Looks like a wonderful pumkin muffin recipe. I think we will try the healthy way. Have a blessed Sabbath.
Michele Hope

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

How beautiful!