Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hope You Have Some of These

The hydrangeas around our house are in full bloom. They look so pretty and white in the green woods. One of the things we love about these flowers besides the fact they make pretty cut arrangements is the way they dry. Many times I've left an arrangement in the vase long after all the water has dried out and they get prettier and prettier. They turn a light pink color and then a darker pink with an antique look to them. But you better cut them quick- they are gone fast.

Have you noticed how they send out little shoots at their base? Just dig up the baby plant and move it to the place of your choice. I think they prefer a shady place with rocky soil- perfect around here. Matter of fact its kinda hard to kill this type of hydrangea- just the kind I like:). If you live close to me and would like some I'd be glad to dig you up some.

My girls are pressing some of the small petals and have plans to make decorative note cards. We'll see if it works- check back for our progress.

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